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The many markets of Saint Malo

Aside from the impressive city walls and the renowned high tides, Saint Malo is well known for its quaint boutiques and independent shops dotted throughout the city. It is almost impossible to visit the old town without having a big spend up! However, shopping in Saint Malo can quite easily burn a hole in one’s pocket if they’re not careful, therefore we have a put a list together of the markets of Saint Malo for our guests who like to haggle and find a good bargain. All markets mentioned run all year round from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

La Halle au Blé : every Tuesday and Friday, 10 Rue des Cordeliers, Intra-Muros

This market uniquely sells food products and hence is a wonderful place to get a taste for local flavours. This biweekly market is situated inside a grand old greenhouse style building close to the Grand Porte in the walled city. With the worktop counters and familiarity between buyer and seller, it almost feels like a market workshop. To find the market from the Grand Porte, turn left and then take a right at the fork in the road onto Rue des Cordiers. The market is straight ahead on the right-hand side.

La Place de la Poissonnerie: every Tuesday and Friday : 4-6 place de la poissonnerie, Intra-Muros

This is a specialized fish and seafood market located in the heart of the old town which works in conjunction with the Halle au Blé. In order to find this hidden treasure from the front entrance to the walled city (Porte Saint Vincent), go straight ahead and follow the commercial high street until you see the Bessec shoe shop. Turn left here and you’ll see the outside market place.

Rocabey Market : every Monday and Thursday: Boulevard de la Tour d’Auvergne

This market is found outside the iconic two towered catholic church of Rocabey, and is very well known for its size and vibrant colours. Two times a week around 200 market traders are welcomed to sell an array of fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood and dairy products as well as fashion items. If you want to get to the market from our hotel, take the bus no. 3 from the stop auberge de jeunesse next to the hotel to the stop Rocabey – it takes around 10 minutes.

Paramé Market : every Wednesday : Place Georges Coudray

This little market is situated outside of the Paramé town hall; which is the centre of a pretty residential commune of Saint Malo. Here one can find a small collection of food and textile products. It is very easy to get there: after having left our hotel, turn left onto avenue du reverend père Umbricht and go straight ahead for 10 minutes. Whilst in the area, be sure to make the most of the local wine cellar, florist and bookshop.

Saint Servan Market : every Tuesday and Friday : 2 Place Bouvet

The final market on our list to present to you today is the market of Saint Servan – a popular neighborhood of Saint Malo. Located in front of the town hall, this market is very similar to that of the Rocabey market, selling a multitude of fruits, veg, meats, shellfish, and an even bigger range of clothes, shoes and accessories.  If you wish to get here from our hotel, take the bus no. 4 from the stop Courtoisville – you’ll arrive within 15 minutes.


Mollie Pye, 01.09.2018